iBOND® Universal
8th Generation Bond

Learn how iBOND® Universal's compatibility with all dental materials improves your bonding technique and saves chair time!

All Indications


One bottle of adhesive takes you through indications of direct and indirect restorations with amazing adhesion.

All Dental Materials


iBOND® Universal is compatible with light-, self- and dual-cure materials without the need of a dual cure activator.

Instant Bonding Success


The intelligent new formula of iBOND® Universal contains MDP and provides instant and reliable bond strength.

Multi-Technique Capable


You still work with your preferred bonding technique, because iBOND® Universal respects your personal habits. Furthermore, you benefit from a short curing time of only 10 seconds.

Moisture Control


Acetone supports perfectly the water removal. You benefit from this intelligent system with easier air-drying, reduced techniquesensitivity and a homogeneous bonding layer.

Drop Control

With our drop control, you apply just as much bonding agent as you need. The amount of single drops goes up to 220 per bottle.

 5+ Dental Advisor Evaluation 98%


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Application Guide


Application Videos

Step-by-step intraoral repair of silicate/ glass ceramics iBOND® Universal
  • Enables tooth-preserving treatments.
  • No need to use hazardous hydrofluoric acid intraorally on the glass/silicate ceramic
 Step-by-step intraoral repair of zirconia-based restorations
  • Zirconia must not be etched using phosphoric acid either!

Indications for Use

Whatever the material, whatever the patient’s situation, one bottle of adhesive takes you through indications of direct and indirect restorations with amazing adhesion. Safely and easily.

  • Bonding of direct restorations for all cavity classes (Black) using light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing methacrylate-based composites/compomers.
  • Bonding of light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing core build-up materials.
  • Sealing of hypersensitive tooth areas.
  • Sealing of cavities prior to amalgam restorations.
  • Bonding of fissure sealants.
  • Sealing of cavities and core preparations prior to temporary cementation of indirect restorations (according to the immediate dentine sealing technique).
  • Cementation of indirect restorations with light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing adhesive resin cements.

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